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Mandala Tapestry Collection

Mandala Tapestry is born out of the art of Mandala which represents peace and spirituality in not only Hinduism but other major religious beliefs throughout the world. Different types of tapestry available on our website have been selected for you considering the best use of the Mandala art for you. Not only have we handpicked the best Mandala Tapestries in all categories from all over the world, we have also included Mandala Wall hangings, bed sheets, Mandala Roundies and other art products to go with them so you can use a complete set to enhance your homes.

Our website is a one-stop destination to find Jaipur’s best handmade tapestries and wall hangings specifically handpicked after keeping mind the requirements and demands of people all over the world who have been using our products since last many years. We have also provided an option to sort these products on our website according to countries so that you easily and timely receive your ordered goods.

Mandala is not only a concept born out of religion, it is something which is also born out of the desire to be immortal in the very moment you are, we have been sharing this joyous feeling with our buyers since long. This concept and art has not only been translated into hangings, wearable and spreads but others fors as well. Shop for the best mandala tapestries here


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